Repurposing and Improving Existing Content

Publishing fresh, relevant, engaging content is the core of any successful content marketing program. But the most effective approach isn’t necessarily starting from scratch every time. 

If your content team feels too much like a “content vending machine,” try repurposing and improving existing content already on hand to save time, energy, and resources—while still driving business impact.

In Chapter 5 our How to Do Better Content Marketing series, you’ll learn how to use data to identify the right pieces to repurpose, create more evergreen content for your library, and become more nimble as a content team.

Repurposing content helps you:

  • Fill gaps between campaigns by “nine livesing” content you’ve already done the heavy lifting for. 
  • Reach new audiences and re-engage audiences who may have gone dark.
  • Build upon and extend the original engagement and shelf life of older content.
  • Experiment with new content channels, less risky when using repurposed content.

It doesn’t matter how many times you hit “publish.” What matters is how much impact your content creates.