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A great digital experience is a journey—one with many milestones, both expected and unexpected along the way. WordPress VIP professional services are there to help your team through those milestones. Staffed by some of the foremost experts in WordPress, our services team provides unmatched expertise to ensure you are set up to take the next step in your digital journey.

Resolving current challenges

Find the root cause of your current performance challenges. Our skilled engineers perform rigorous testing to help you find the root cause of current slowdowns and then provide detailed and actionable fixes.

Improving Core Web Vitals

Improve your SEO. Search engines penalize you based on failing key performance benchmarks across different devices. We dive deep into your code to identify what’s impacting your ranking and provide advice on improving.

Planning for growth

Get ahead of your site’s trajectory. We analyze how your current code will stack up if your traffic grows exponentially. And help you proactively prepare your site before rogue issues impact your business.

A prepared foundation

Strategize with WordPress VIP experts on timelines, deliverables, and anticipated outcomes in advance of the high-traffic event.

Detailed analysis

Gain insights into the technical specifications of your application, including various performance-related data, load test results, and engineering-backed recommendations to prepare for the high-traffic event.

Impact evaluation

Obtain a clear summary of the performance of your application before and after the recommendations made by WordPress VIP. Review the success of the high-traffic event and receive follow-up engineering guidance.

Identify opportunities

We’ll help you plan new approaches to WordPress application architecture and third-party integrations with a wide range of tactics. Examples might include restructuring your codebase to scale with your business,  planning complex distribution and syndication features, implementing governance and permissions in a large network of sites, and working with third-party technology providers to integrate business-critical content and data. Ask us your biggest questions.

Deep discovery

This service starts with a research and discovery period to gather all the necessary information from your team, stakeholders, partners, and vendors. We’ll work with you to identify, scope, and measure your biggest challenges and opportunities. 

Detailed analysis

WordPress VIP will provide a technical report with in-depth details tied to our recommendations. Gain insights into which engineering, technological, and business solutions make the most sense for your organization based on data from our engineering and services teams.

Actionable recommendations

Recommendations from the WordPress VIP team will take into account the customer’s current configuration on the platform, their team or partner’s engineering expertise, existing third-party relationships and integrations, resulting in a focused plan that optimizes for the customer’s real-world requirements and goals.

Assistance with imports

Take advantage of frictionless imports of content, media, databases, and code.

Get site visitors to the right place

Receive guidance on redirects to guarantee your site visitors can find everything they need during and after the migration.

Quality Assurance

Ensure everything on the migrated site works properly with Quality Assurance testing, including basic backend and frontend checks.

Maximize your team’s resources

Alleviate your digital team from work that bogs them down. WordPress VIP has this process down to a T and can produce faster, high-quality results. What’s more, running the latest version of WordPress provides authors tools that didn’t previously exist, meaning your editorial team will see efficiency increases from this service.

Improve site stability

Avoid downtime as a result of insecure, outdated or incompatible code. Minimize the risk of hidden vulnerabilities in outdated software. The Upgrade Assurance Service leads to safer and more performant code, which decreases load time and increases consumption and conversion. 

Unlock peace of mind

As a major contributor in the open-source WordPress community, WordPress VIP uses our familiarity with upcoming software upgrades to highlight new functionality that will matter most for enterprise sites. We regularly handle upgrades for some of the largest organizations on the web, so you can rest assured that your upgrade will be in good hands.

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