VIP API Mesh powered by TakeShape

Build your ideal customer experience, integrate data from multiple sources, and reduce the burden on your team.

Better Experiences

Build rich, composable experiences, orchestrating between different APIs.

Quicker Time to Market

Deliver new features, campaigns and content to market faster and shift resources from maintenance to innovation.

Higher Performance

Avoid lost revenue from performance issues and ensure your digital experiences hum.

Integrate everything, get to market faster

Take the hassle out of integrating backend systems. With the API Mesh, make one GraphQL query and retrieve all the data you need across systems. Use one of our pre-built connectors or build your own, building the perfect experience for your brand in a fraction of the time.

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Reduce the time it takes to build new frontend experiences by leveraging pre-built caching, indexing, service connectors, and more.

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Regardless of the API type a backend uses, GraphQL or REST, we make it easy to get access to data via a unified GraphQL API with an easy-to-configure schema.

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Avoid vendor lock-in and evolve your architecture over time. Reconfiguration is easy with no changes to the frontend required.

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Unlike other solutions, the VIP API Mesh doesn’t limit itself to reading data from backends. Write data back or execute commands on backend systems so you can enable every business process.

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Transform data on the fly between the backend API and the frontend based on your schema.

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We take care of everything—the VIP API Mesh is a fully managed service, reducing the maintenance burden on your team.

Empower marketers and content creators

Put data and content from other systems into the hands of your practitioners, without compromises. The VIP API Mesh makes backend data available right in the WordPress Block Editor, the world’s most intuitive content editing experience, so marketers can launch campaigns faster, and developers can be innovators, not roadblocks.

Commerce without complexity

Pull in commerce data and systems to create a brilliant storefront, or integrate products directly into article content to drive more conversions.

Ready access to data

Eliminate inconsistencies by creating firm linkages between your site and backend systems that any user can access and that never go out of date.

Easy and intuitive content blocks

Remove the complexity of adjusting content through standard content blocks that can be used across digital experiences.

Reusable Patterns

Put together multiple data sources, layouts, and components to create standard, templated pieces you can reuse to accelerate content creation.

Any frontend

Full integration with the API Mesh on both the backend and frontend means you can deliver integrated content experiences across channels.

No retraining required

Because data is available in the WordPress Block Editor, your staff can be productive in minutes.

WordPress VIP named a Strong Performer

In the Forrester Wave™: Content Management Systems, Q3 2023

Improve performance

Ensure your experiences are lightning fast. Eliminate delays caused by slow backend queries so you can deliver a faster customer experience, reduce lost sales, and improve Core Web Vitals.

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API acceleration 

Reduce the impact of slow data queries to dramatically improve the responsiveness of your digital experiences.

Built-in caching

Utilize built-in caching to reduce the need for backend queries and increase overall performance.

API indexing

Increase data fetching speeds and protect your applications from service outages by leveraging built-in API indexing.

Performance troubleshooting

Use built-in tools to understand the origin of query performance issues and take action.

Dynamic bi-directional Data

Query and mutate live data sources when needed. Eliminate waiting for slow ETL processes.

Ensure security

Control access by creating custom roles that limit access to individual API keys, and integrate your single sign-on provider directly with the API Mesh.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Reduce your development costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars, avoiding wasting the time of expensive backend engineers. The API Mesh takes care of the “plumbing” so you don’t have to.

No custom middleware required

Replace middleware layers built by your team or avoid them altogether, reducing future maintenance cost.

Fewer backend engineers required

Empower frontend developers to innovate without having to call in backend developers to manage idiosyncrasies of newly integrated systems.

Built-in observability

Monitor API connections to know when services are down.

Schema version history

Maintain a complete history and restore your schema and data to any point if you need to revert negative changes.

Delight your developers

Empower your developers with the most modern tools and frameworks while taking the grunt work out of building modern frontend experiences. 

Any framework

No matter the languages or framework chosen for the frontend, the API Mesh integrates seamlessly.  

CLI tools

Once you’re ready, deployment is easy. A command-line tool can create or deploy projects from your local environment or CI tool.

Workflow integration

Seamlessly integrate API Mesh into your Git-based development workflow and CI processes. Enjoy a seamless experience that enhances collaboration and productivity.

Auto-generated TypeScript 

Boost consistency and reduce manual work with automatic type generation. Use schema-derived types across your codebase for enhanced type safety.

Effortless API documentation

Streamline GraphQL API development with automatic documentation generation. Help your team work efficiently with always up-to-date, easily accessible docs.

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