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“Certainly from my perspective, WordPress has been a great success—with WordPress VIP giving us that enterprise-level of assured quality on top.”

Adrian Goodman, Digital Product Owner, OKdo

WordPress visual editor

Customize pages in minutes using modular product blocks.

Product configuration

Organize physical and digital goods, product variations, custom configurations, instant downloads, and affiliate items.

Reviews and ratings

Supercharge your product reviews to add Amazon-style reviews and filtering, add even more review capabilities, and provide additional discussion options. Give your customers the review capabilities they expect.

Mobile app

Manage your business on the go with the WooCommerce Mobile App. Create products, process orders, and keep an eye on key stats in real-time.

Product API

Use WooCommerce’s flexible and scalable REST API to integrate with virtually any service, making store data accessible anywhere, anytime, and 100% securely.

Administration UI

Track Performance with statistics, analytics, and reports in the WooCommerce Admin.

Decoupled commerce

Use the WooCommerce StoreAPI, an extension of the WordPress REST API, to combine your commerce platform with any front-end framework.

Order management

Grant visibility to your business and your buyer through the entire order lifecycle, from purchase through delivery.

Inventory management

Manage inventory and orders and keep track of products as you sell, manufacture, and restock across global warehouse locations and multiple channels.

Customizable checkout flow

Optimize your checkout page and reduce cart abandonment with customized checkout flows based on your business needs and target audience.

Multiple payment gateways

There are 140 region-specific gateways to choose from and integrate with, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Amazon Pay. Apple Pay, Google Pay, subscriptions, and deposits are also supported.

Multiple currencies

Launch in multiple markets with multilingual content and prices in multiple currencies. WooCommerce is 100% translated into 24 languages.


Make omnichannel order fulfilment a snap by integrating with top-of-the-line services like ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Fulfilment By Amazon and more.


Harness the power of recurring revenue and manage subscriber payments right from your dashboard.


Let customers book classes, schedule appointments, or reserve items. Define set options, like fixed time slots for a guided tour. Or let customers choose the times that work best by giving them the flexibility to book whatever range they need—like checking into a hotel.

Downloadable products

Offer downloadable products to subscribers, while maintaining individual listings for each of your downloadable products. Sell them individually or via subscription, and easily update access permissions.


Turn customers and subscribers into affiliate partners and brand ambassadors. Track affiliate progress and adjustments; campaign performance; visitors, conversions, commissions, and payouts—all from one central platform.


Create and manage discounts, coupons, and gifts to incentivize customers and build brand loyalty.

Product recommendations

Help people explore your product range by linking and suggesting relevant products directly on your product pages or even from blog posts or landing pages.

Commerce analytics

View charted data directly from your dashboard via 14 different data points and 11 built-in reports. Select any chart to load an associated report for deeper analysis.

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