The only secure, compliant WordPress platform for government.

WordPress VIP is the only WordPress platform with FedRAMP ATO. For the first time, government agencies can take advantage of the flexibility, ubiquity, and ease-of-use of WordPress. 

Our solution is certified for use in the federal government, and proven to meet the security needs of governments of every level.

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Serve the public better

Makes it easy to get key citizen communication and public records available to the public in a timely manner and with a great experience. WordPress is well understood and easy to use for many public sector employees, helping your staff better serve the public.

“In our old CMS, I’d try to keep content minimal…Now I have more flexibility to build content the way I want it to look. We build much richer, more interactive content than before—WordPress VIP gives us much more creative freedom.”

Kristen Loflin, Public Relations Manager, Marine Corps Marathon Organization

Comply with key mandates

Compliance with mandates and regulations is the number one obstacle to unlocking the power of WordPress in government. Only WordPress VIP has achieved FedRAMP authorization and other required certifications, finally ensuring that your use of WordPress is compliant.

“With WordPress VIP’s FedRAMP approval, government agencies can finally deploy and host websites quickly and affordably. Government agencies will no longer need to spend many millions on costly website infrastructure and security.”

Ab Emam, CEO, Web Development Group

Ensure the highest security

WordPress VIP meets the strict security baselines of many government agencies. With multiple levels of security controls and protection, our enterprise-grade platform is the foundation trusted by some of the most security-conscious federal and state agencies.

“Everything from understanding how your edge servers and your CDN work to how your security teams work and your pen testing works—all of it gave me a sense of calmness to say, ‘Okay. We have a partner who can just go handle this.”

Andrew Binns, COO, 2020 Democratic National Convention

Reduce the risk of service disruption

WordPress VIP ensures your site stays up and running. No one has more experience with WordPress than we do. Our CEO is a co-founder of the WordPress project, we employ numerous core contributors, and we’ve worked with many of the world’s biggest digital properties. When you need help, we’re there for you.

Discover how to strengthen the security of your WordPress website in the cloud while achieving FedRAMP compliance.

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