VIP Content Analytics by

VIP Content Analytics by makes working with data easy for newsrooms and marketers, giving them the insights they need to focus their content strategy and prove ROI.


Customize your home screen to at a glance the metrics that matter to you.

Topics & Tags

Analyze your content by topic, using tags pulled from your CMS or generated by our AI-powered Smart Tags.


Track author performance—maybe there’s something an individual is doing that’s working, and the rest of the team should follow suit.


See which campaigns are most effective. VIP Content Analytics by automatically pulls in all your UTMs.

Channels & Referrers

Segment performance via which channel is engaging with your content—whether it’s social, search, web, apps, and more.


Compare your content depending on the sections of your website it lives in.

Word Count

See whether content of various lengths is most effective.

Publish Date

Easily surface all the content published during a given time frame.

Video Analytics

Track whether your audience interacts with your videos, and if videos improve your content.

“We chose VIP Content Analytics by because it’s so user-friendly, especially for an editor who wants to be able to report on how their content is doing right away.”

Morgan Gibson, Senior Manager of Digital Content, WeddingWire

Historical Data

Understand content trends over days, weeks, months, and years—so you can work smarter, not harder.


See what content drives actions. Use the linear conversion model to give credit to content read many clicks before they converted.

Engaged Time

Page views only tell you so much—engaged time is better. See how long customers actually spend reading your content.

Audience Segments

Combine your metrics with audience segmentation to understand the difference between readers, customers, subscribers, and more.

New & Returning Visitors

See what content adds new readers to your audience—and see what content creates the most loyal return visitors.


Easily compare the “before and after” impact of your efforts, to see if the work you did made a difference.

Recirculation Rate

Understand what content keeps people on your site, and where they click next.


Bring your expertise to your data by grouping different aspects to analyze them together—Tags, Authors, Referrers, and Campaigns.

“Effective storytelling can’t happen without valuing and understanding your audience.”

Jacqueline Parisi, HelloFresh
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Real-time Data

VIP Content Analytics by updates instantly. Maximize the results you get from any spike in attention.

Social Interactions

See the Tweets (and more) about your content, all in one convenient place inside VIP Content Analytics by

Social Referrers

Understand which social platforms are sending the most traffic to your content.


Get alerts to your inbox or on Slack when traffic surges.


Use ready-made or custom reports to show the value of your content. Deliver data via HTML, Email, CSV and XLSX.


Quickly understand whether content is performing above or below average.


Put your top-level KPIs in one easy-to-view location, so your team can focus on what matters.

Share content data with those who don’t have a login to the VIP Content Analytics by Dashboard.

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