The difference between having data and using data

Google Analytics 4 is great for tracking AdWords spend, and we encourage our customers to continue to use it for that. But it’s not built for measuring content data or serving the needs of content teams. makes working with data easy for creators and marketers, giving them the insights they need to focus their content strategy and prove ROI.

  • Increase usage of content data by 581%. Go from having to ask your team to use the analytics tool to having them bringing you insights proactively
  • Maximize audience impact with real-time insight. Go from “these people Tweeted about us” to “here’s the conversation we created.”
  • Focus content strategy beyond vanity metrics. Go from “increasing page views” to “increasing reader loyalty, driving subscriptions, and generating more qualified leads”

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Companies using every day empowers everyone on your team to be data-driven in deciding what to develop, whether it worked, and what to do next.

Increase usage of content data by 581%

Google Analytics requires training in order to use—and most writers, content marketers, editors, and executives don’t have the time. Many end up relying on gut instinct to guide content strategy. is so much more user-friendly that content teams increase data usage by 581%.

  • Content-centric interface intuitively groups data by topics, authors, audiences, channels, campaigns, and more.
  • Shareable links and beautiful reports are easy to send to anyone
  • Customizable views and conversions metrics allow specialists to focus just on what matters to them
Graphic showing less than 8 out of 40 content team members
using Google Analytics, versus 33 out of 40 content team members regularly log in to

Maximize audience impact with real-time insight

The lack of meaningful real-time data in Google Analytics creates a major blindspot for many content teams. provides a robust real-time view of content performance so you can quickly react to what’s working, understand why, and find tactics to maximize the impact.

  • Decide promotion and follow-up in the moment—not after it’s passed
  • Jump into conversations while they’re hot with real-time, natively integrated social media referral and interaction analytics
  • Save time and money by pulling resources the instant a topic loses steam dashboard

Focus content strategy beyond vanity metrics

Hind-sight is 20/20—and your content teams need to see historical performance clearly. While it’s possible to look deeper than page views with Google Analytics, the cumbersome interface makes sure that rarely happens. is built to make it easy.

  • 13-months historical data included out of the box, with the option to extend further
  • Powerful conversion attribution for each significant moment you want to create
  • Audience and geographic segmentation, measured across all channels evergreen report


“We chose because it’s so user-friendly, especially for an editor who wants to be able to report on how their content is doing right away.

Giving the team empowered them to become more analytics-driven.”

Morgan Gibson
Senior Manager of Digital Content, WeddingWire

“Data-phobia is a real problem for a lot of teams. You need the tool that really will eliminate that fear and make data-driven insights accessible for everyone.

The fact is, most analytics platforms are not made for writers, and they’re intimidating. is the tool that makes it fun, simple, easy, and not scary to get data—you want to start using it on a daily basis.”

David Grossman
Chief Marketing Officer, Backstage
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“The interactivity of’s dashboard helps writers and editors—people who don’t dive into Excel spreadsheets every day—find answers to their top questions… gives people what they’re looking for in a way that’s not overwhelming, but it’s still a source for answering complex questions.”

Anna Gilbert
Director of Research, Slate
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