The Building Blocks of Trust: Federal Websites and Customer Experience

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Enhancing the customer experience (CX) is a priority for government agencies, and user-friendly, robust, and secure websites are central to meeting that goal. 

Between January and March of 2023 alone, there were 5.33 billion visits to federal websites, ranging from tracking USPS packages to accessing the Veterans Affairs online portal.

Agencies know their websites serve a core function for the public to both access their services and understand their mission. They also know that both citizens and employees expect a smooth experience. 

As the quality of commercial customer service has improved, 85% of the public expect government agencies to meet or exceed that standard.

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  • Key considerations as agencies work on enhancing CX
  • The importance of using the right CMS
  • Why ease of use for the citizen does not mean sacrificing the security that is so critical for the government
  • Why WordPress, the CMS system used for 43% of all websites, is a popular choice for government agencies