Deciding What to Create and Developing a Content Calendar

How to Do Better Content Marketing

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Between Sales, Demand Gen, PR, Product Marketing, and the C-Suite, there’s never a shortage of requests or ideas for “more new content” that drives “more business results.” 

It’s no wonder Content is often overwhelmed, leaving your team feeling like a “content vending machine.” Where do you even start? Which ideas are most important? And how do you stay organized while you tackle a daunting, never-ending list of content to create? 

A word of caution: without proper planning and prioritization, turning up the content production flow won’t yield increased results

Our guide, the third in our How to Do Better Content Marketing series, will show you how to prioritize what you write based on your fundamental purpose for doing content marketing and build a clean, repeatable process for efficient content production. 

You will learn the value of:

  • Identifying high-value content ideas that not only resonate with your audience but also help you meet those all-important company KPIs.
  • Repurposing and giving new life to content you already have on the books so you can agilely fill content gaps even as you maximize your existing resources.
  • Organizing and internally publicizing content production plans in a formal, usable content calendar to keep everything (and everyone) on track.

“As marketers, we tend to believe that we’ll move faster if we go right from idea to production. But instead, we have to slow down—start with an idea, plan, and prioritize all the iterations of that particular idea, and then start production.”

– Robert Rose—Founder, The Content Advisory. 

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