Is Adobe eating too much of your CMS marketing budget?

WordPress VIP can not only lower your CMS licensing costs and return superior ROI, but also help you implement web projects faster—thanks to an extraordinary development talent pool within easy reach.

Reduce the total cost to run your web presence with WordPress VIP

From high license costs and long implementation times to costly partner services and expensive development, the Adobe solution sucks money at every step. You can no longer afford that.

lower your CMS tCO

Cut costs across the board without cutting performance

lower cms licensing costs

Pay only for what you need by using a focused CMS

implement projects faster

Say no to costly, multi-year martech projects

find affordable dev talent

Reduce development costs and technical roadblocks

get roi from your cms

Solve immediate needs, with faster time to value

lower your cms total cost of ownership

Run your web presence more affordably without sacrificing the customer experience

With marketing budgets under stress, teams need to cut costs while still effectively running their web experience for customers. WordPress VIP is architected on open source, industry standard technology that costs a fraction to deploy, manage, and operate vs. Adobe’s bloated stack.

Key result: 80%+ reduction in content layout time.

“Cost was a huge factor in our choice to migrate [to WordPress VIP. With [our previous CMS], the pace of production was slower and it often required multiple engineers to get something built. We can now shift those resources to new product features and additional content production.”

— Cindy Johanson, Executive Director, Edutopia


Realize cost savings by eliminating unused licenses and extra software expenses

Are you paying too much for Adobe licenses you never use? In a tight budgetary environment, you can’t afford to waste martech budget on expensive shelfware. WordPress VIP is competitively priced vs. Adobe and it’s a focused CMS—so you only pay for what you need.

WordPress VIP is engineered to have everything you need to run your site at scale. Lower the cost and internal toil of managing your sites by leveraging our experience of running the largest, most demanding WordPress sites.

implement projects faster

Focus on value-creating “quick wins,” rather than costly, multi-year projects

Implementing the full Adobe platform can take years and entail huge costs, without delivering much value along the way. With WordPress VIP, you’ll be up and running in months—not years, thanks to shorter, more straightforward implementation. And it’s easy to plug in new pieces over time, without launching a huge architectural project.

Key result: Site response time down from 1,500+ milliseconds to 200-300.

“… basically [with WordPress VIP] it’s like we hired another engineer. We have an extra level of QA on our code… an extra set of eyes… so that helps us a lot with availability and performance.”

—Steve Tidwell, Director of Technology, VentureBeat

find affordable devELOPER talent

Reduce costs with an open source CMS that comes with a readymade talent pool

Sourcing good, affordable Adobe developers is difficult. Their scarcity inflates salaries and expenses, and can delay important projects and site launches. WordPress VIP lets you tap into a massive ecosystem of developer expertise to make building the perfect digital experience—and launching on schedule—a breeze.

Need to build out or scale your own technical team?

Scores of WordPress VIP partner agencies and 740+ local WordPress groups in 109 countries give you access to a vast talent pool.


Deliver faster time to value, empower more creators to create more content for growth

With marketing budgets strained in today’s challenging macroeconomic environment, launching multi-year, expensive Adobe projects can get you fired. Control your CMS costs, drive efficiency and faster implementation, and realize much quicker payoffs for your business by shifting to WordPress VIP.

Key result: 40x improvement in time to publish.

“… our goals with the migration [to WordPress VIP] were to improve workflow efficiencies, empower site producers… and cut the time it takes to build out a section of the site from days to hours.”

— Weston Ruter, CTO, XWP (News Corp Australia’s partner agency)
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