Blinging Out Gutenberg to Power Creation Tools

The New York Post is a powerful news organization catering to more than 80 million unique visitors each month. During BigWP 2021, we invited the New York Post and their chosen partner agency, Alley, to discuss their recent home page redesign using Gutenberg.

During the discussion, panelists Michael Liss (VP of Product, New York Post), Joe Vitale (Project Manager, New York Post) and Linnea Huxford (Principle Software Developer, Alley) talk about their part in the journey to a dynamic home page.

Powering creation tools with Gutenberg

Dissatisfied with their static home page, the New York Post used Gutenberg’s full-site editing features to accelerate content production and power a customized, vibrant experience for site visitors.

Their main goals included:

  • Manually curating parts of the home page while automatically updating others
  • Building a content production format that allows more than one editor to work on the home page at the same time
  • A library of blocks that allow creators to easily choose from templates and update headlines, tags and taglines, blurbs, etc. 

The best part? They were extremely successful.

Gutenberg’s upgraded block editing features empowered their content creators to build a library of dynamic and engaging blocks that were more reflective of the changing news cycle, but also easier to curate. 

Now, they can quickly add new modules, change backfill sources, drag and drop blocks, receive edits from multiple sources at once, and so much more. 

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