Upgrading to Gutenberg: Moving an Enterprise WordPress Site to the New Block Editor


The new block editor makes creating content easier. It might not feel so easy, though, to bring a complex enterprise site over to Gutenberg for the first time. That’s where this free webinar comes in.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Study real-life Gutenberg use cases from Xbox, Atlassian, and others
  • See examples of when to use core blocks, third party block libraries, or custom blocks
  • Learn how to plan for dependencies and ensure backward compatibility
  • Get tips on managing the human element (think buy-in, usability, and training)
  • Hear audience Q&A with Reaktiv’s Gutenberg experts


Head shot of Corey Webb

Cory Webb, Senior Developer, Reaktiv

Cory Webb is a senior full stack developer at Reaktiv hailing from Waco, Texas. Before joining Reaktiv, Cory ran a small web development company specializing in WordPress and Joomla. His educational background is in engineering and business, but his true passion has been web development since he built his first web page as a freshman electrical engineering student at the University of Texas way back in 1997.

Watch the webinar

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