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A great digital experience makes all the difference. But when developers hit issues, they often find themselves on their own, resulting in poor site performance, security issues, and lost time. Empower your developers with the specialized expertise they need with WordPress VIP Application Support. Building on everything you get with Platform Support, Application Support adds developer-to-developer assistance from many of the foremost experts in building WordPress application code.

Application monitoring

Take the burden of monitoring application performance off your technical teams. Rely on WordPress VIP to continuously monitor your application and response codes to identify performance issues as they arise.

Performance debugging

Identify and resolve performance issues as you grow. We’ll help with the debugging process and make sure your technical teams don’t get stuck. With our help, identify problems faster and roll out higher-performing applications.

Deep Troubleshooting

Resolve your most vexing issues in a fraction of the time. Our experts collaborate with your development team and bring technical expertise to resolve issues faster.

Security review

Leverage our decades of experience running secure WordPress applications at enterprise scale. Ensure specific features you’re implementing aren’t creating security liabilities. If issues do arise, we help identify root causes and potential fixes.

Best practices guidance

Make the most of our experience. Ask us for guidance when you’re planning new features or scaling the ones you already have. We’ve helped hundreds of the largest companies in the world and can identify both opportunities and pitfalls.

Ask us anything

We’re there when you need us. If you encounter issues or just need a second set of eyes, tap our expertise to steer development in the right direction.

“…basically it’s like we hired another engineer. We have an extra level of QA on our code now by people who actually know what they’re looking at, which helps a great deal, and was something we were lacking before. So, if we pushed code and broke something then it was our problem. Now we have an extra set of eyes that are looking at it from that perspective, so that helps us a lot with availability and performance.”

Steve Tidwell, Director of Technology, VentureBeat

Our Platform

All components of the WordPress VIP platform, including containerized environments, security, system management, and more.

Core WordPress

The core CMS, including updates and security patches managed in partnership with the open-source release team—to keep your CMS on the leading edge of performance and security.


The front-end design systems of your digital experiences.


The added functionality provided to your applications, both third-party plugins and support for coding your own plugins.

Custom Code

The features your developers create to power unique experiences for your brand—in other words, what you put in your GitHub repository.


Touchpoints and data transfer to other software you connect to your WordPress application.

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