Content Matters 2023 Salary Report

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How content marketing and content analytics pay off

It’s no stretch to assume fluency in content marketing benefits both employees and leadership, attracting top talent to organizations where such skills are highly valued and utilized effectively. 

But does that fluency translate into higher salaries across the board? And can using popular analytics platforms to measure content performance have an impact?

We wanted to find out. So we crunched the numbers from our Content Matters 2023 Report, a survey of 1,500+ marketers across industries, company size, geography, roles, and titles. 

What we found should be good news to marketers “doing more with less” and loading content analytics into their martech toolkits.

Key report takeaways:

  • It pays to be understood. Organizations where leadership understands the value of content marketing pay more than those that don’t—suggesting top talent flocks to organizations where their skills are appreciated.
  • It pays to analyze content. Companies using analytics platforms pay higher salaries—implying tracking content ROI helps employees demonstrate value to their employers.
  • It pays to work smarter. In 2023, content professionals producing less content actually reported higher salaries vs. 2022—hinting that employers prioritize quality, premium content over achieving results through sheer volume.

To find out exactly how much more—and how you measure up—download our Content Matters 2023 Salary Report.