The Code Company

A technical WordPress agency that specializes in digital publishing.

The Code Company is made up of specialist WordPress engineers who for more than a decade have been at the forefront of innovative solutions for digital publishers.

Digital media is rapidly changing, and we understand that your website is one of your greatest assets and your gateway to sustainable growth. You need technology that’s unswervingly stable and flexible as your business grows and the industry evolves.

There are few people who understand how to make WordPress work at scale better than The Code Company

Zac Zavos, Founder & CEO Conversant Media


  • WordPress development
  • Top-down rebuilds and redesigns
  • Page performance optimizations
  • Replatforming and migrations to WordPress
  • Complex integrations and custom functionality
  • Ad tech, eCommerce, memberships, newsletters, & more
  • Media and publishing consulting

“I’ve never had a smooth launch, until now. The website went live, scaled up with traffic spikes an all of our integrations worked perfectly.”

Bhavik Trivedi, Chief Operating Officer Wondermind