We cuddle the publisher

Digitrend is the ideal partner in Italy to develop ambitious digital publishing projects oriented towards a solid and constant growth.

Some of the key points at the basis of an online publishing product that aspires to success in its reference sector (whether it is generalist, vertical or hyper-local) are: High-performance CMS, effective videostrategy, engaging newsletters, innovative technology and constant updating on new digital tools.

Digitrend’s activity is focused on the above mentioned services. It is dedicated exclusively to the care of digital Publishers and it works for an efficient digital transformation. Over time Digitrend has strengthened its national positioning as a player specialized in the development of technological solutions, consultancy and training for digital publishing.

In 2016 the twenty-year experience and the fieldwork in the publishing sector allowed the founders of Digitrend to build a company with a work team strongly focused on the current and emerging needs of a target who always need high standard technology with competitive rates, consulting and training for editorial teams, marketing support and monetization. Regarding the monetization of the Publisher served, since the beginning Digitrend has established its strategic partnership with Movingup, one of the main Italian agencies active on the Programmatic and RTB market. Working this way it reached the goal of focusing the business strictly oriented to the result of the growth of users and page views of the Publishers served.

The Digitrend Team consists of Senior and Junior developers in Php, React, Java, Seo experts, social experts, media planners and Programmatic specialists, content producers and trainers. A team made up of 20 units that can be increased, according to the demand for consultancy and services and developed projects, also thanks to the partner network to which it adheres also in agreement with many of the hyperlocal publishers.

We put the constant research and development of progressive technological solutions tailored to the individual needs of publishers at the center of our commitment. Over the years the culture of continuous improvement dictated by the “lean thinking” approach has allowed us to sustain constant growth together with our customers and partners with flattering customer loyalty levels and dropout rates close to 0.

Our ambition is to become the first Italian web agency exclusively dedicated to the digital publishing sector.

The action of Digitrend is focused on its ideal client represented by editors and editorial staff with a progressive vision in the digital environment.

With WPVIP we offer the best systems and the best resources to release WordPress environments on which we develop plugins and integrations aimed at our target market consisting mainly of Web Magazine.

We offer our customers technological solutions in conjunction with:

  • Strategic training and consulting
  • Training and assistance for journalists and editors
  • Advisory and integration of advertising solutions

Solutions proposed:

  • Plugin for the management of the newspaper tabloid of graphic rendering;
  • Customization and optimization of advertising mockups;
  • Integration of Video solutions;
  • Customization of Gutemberg for the optimization of the presentation of the articles;
  • Integrations with social networks;
  • Coding of the meaning of a page for SEO optimization by including structured data;
  • Solutions for cross-posting on different WP installations;
  • Version optimization on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Implementation of connectors and integrations with other management applications (ERP, CRM, etc)
  • Semantic data analysis system and rendering in related content
  • Maximum attention to performance even with tens of thousands of simultaneous users.

Digitrend also develops integrated solutions for the WordPress world:

  • Sale of tickets for events and shows
  • PayWall Marketplace Restaurant management
  • Broadcasting Video on a network of sites
  • Staff workload management
  • Management of Instant Win online competitions
  • Real estate lease and sale management
  • Centralized systems for lead collection and marketing automation.

Regarding the performance of our editorial content management system we have received excellent approvals that are witnessed by the excellent results in terms of growth obtained by many followed publishers including commentimemorabili.it and spunteblu.it with regard to the millennial cluster or “the Sicilian business newspaper”( qds.it) as regards the vertical information area. Now we continue to verify the web vitals requirements within our publisher group and to implement further solutions useful for guaranteeing solid and informed growth.

The main Digitrend products are:

The publishing platform: DGT CMS Publitrend DGT CMS

Publitrend is the Digitrend publishing platform for the customized management of website content. The engine behind the DGT CMS Publitrend system is WordPress, enriched by a series of Digitrend-branded features to make it customizable according to the needs of publishers: one feature among all is the Personal Composer which allows manual selection or automatic choice of articles to be published based on the setting of search filters. DGT CMS Publitrend is equipped with a modular system for the construction of the layout of the desktop and mobile home page and of the single communication channels which guarantees the following advantages: zero maintenance costs; dynamism in content management; improved user experience; high site loading capacity.

Digistream, for an effective video strategy

DIGISTREAM is the system to support the editorial video strategy by easily adding multimedia content (video news, video recipes, video interviews, video tutorials …) that can be monetized through advertisements from cutting-edge technological platforms, such as Moving Up, or from direct sales to its customers (through the trafficking service). It is up to the publisher to decide how to activate each individual video (autoplay, click to play) and to integrate a destination URL on each video. Integrated with the CMS Publitrend, Digistream allows you to add value to your site in terms of: traffic; engagement; indexing; customer loyalty.

DGT Newsletter, to strengthen engagement

DGT Newsletter is the Digitrend service that allows you to strengthen engagement with your users / readers and to launch communication campaigns for the benefit of your advertisers. Through the DGT Newsletter service, the publisher will be able to acquire an additional source of revenues from the adv and prepare for the Google cookieless “season”. DGT Newsletter allows you to send personalized messages through emails that can be scheduled through a plugin able to customize the graphics of the emails with a simple block system, to have a dashboard capable of displaying the progress of the campaigns launched (email opening, interactions with the message, conversions …), to generate leads via popups or fixed subscription bars and also to create automatic response emails to subscriptions.

For training, Digitrend Lab

Digitrend Lab is a laboratory capable of delivering “tailor-made” training with targeted actions that aim at the development and growth of newspapers, local and glocal information sites, media companies, online shops, agencies, companies and professionals. In the digital era, the growth and development of human capital are becoming increasingly strategic: we need to bet on people by increasing motivation and skills. These and many other Digitrend services follow the logic of the “tailoring service” so that each publisher will be able to take advantage of an ad hoc training time useful for choosing the technological solution most in line with their needs. In recent months, Digitrend has been involved in various training activities in collaboration with the Order of Journalists.

Digitrend is also one of the promoters of a University Master in Digital Journalism on new trends and new tools of digital journalism created by the IUL university for the Italian market.