The Future of Content

WordPress VIP and Content Marketing Institute Explore the Content Matters 2023 Report

Content matters. It’s what drives our connections with audiences. Technology allows us to create richer experiences and deepen those connections, and it’s changing the landscape of marketing as we know it. All marketing is content marketing. But the changes are not just for our customers, they’re for our content teams as well.

In our Content Matters 2023 report, we’ve learned how teams are driving growth, measuring what works and thinking about the future. 

As part of Content Marketing Institute’s Master of Content: Brand Experience & Operations virtual summit, we share the top findings from the report with a lively discussion amongst industry experts.

Join us as we explore:

  • How economic uncertainty changes the best-practices priorities in content marketing
  • Tips on how to increase quality, while keeping up with growing quantity
  • How first party, and other strategic data should be used (but isn’t)
  • Best practices in leveraging the right technology for more efficient workflows
  • Real-life examples of companies that are doing it right