When Speed, Performance, and Uptime Count, WordPress VIP Is Again a Top Tier Choice

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Built on a solid enterprise-grade foundation, WordPress VIP is the agile, content platform that helps content teams move both faster and smarter to drive more growth. 

Our rock solid, fully-managed platform is also super fast—validated by third-party testing, season after season. 

For the third year in a row, WordPress VIP has earned a coveted Top Tier award from WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks, a Review Signal Company.

Here’s the WordPress VIP 2022 performance skinny from author Kevin Ohashi:

  • Fastest average and p95 response times on static testing.
  • Perfect uptime on both monitoring services employed by Review Signal.
  • Second fastest asset and login cumulative average scores on Load Storm.
  • Second fastest average response time on WebPageTest.

“WordPress VIP continues to prove itself year after year as a Top Tier product. Congratulations.”

— Kevin Ohashi, Review Signal

How our WordPress hosting performance was measured

Explore the full 2022 results here. You’ll also learn more about the tools Review Signal uses to put platforms through their paces, including K6, WebPageTest, WPPerformanceTester, SSL, Internet.nl, and Mozilla Observatory. 

For example, WebPageTest fully loads the homepage and records how long it takes from 12 different locations around the world.

Learn the 14 capabilities that belong in your cart. Read our Agile CMS Buyer’s Guide.

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