Bright Vessel

Dare to Dream Brighter

At Bright Vessel, we specialize in WordPress with an emphasis on WooCommerce. We are a tight crew and love building a solid customer journey experience. We are not afraid to fly out of our comfort zone and push the envelope for our clients. If you are mapping out your next digital project and need a good crew for your web experience. Let’s take that ride together. You will not be disappointed.

Verified WooCommerce Expert

Bright Vessel is not only a WPVIP Parter, but we are also a Verified WooCommerece Expert. We started to make waves in the WooCommerce community in 2013 by helping build, manage, promote, and educate our clients on being successful online. We love whiteboards, and it’s not just coding we feel is essential. It’s also the data and user experience. One of our primary services is Web Management and helps hundreds of clients every month maintain their brands online and act as an extension to their IT and marketing teams.

Diverse and Dedicated Team

We are a progressive company already ahead of the times working remotely. We provide full transparency and work side by side with clients to achieve their vision even with the most challenging projects. We understand the complexities of large sites and how they need to navigate through heavy traffic. We are intimately involved with the WordPress community and love to contribute our knowledge to improve the platform by creating our own custom plugins and code contributions.