Virtual VIP Live! How to Run an Inclusive Publisher Training That Builds Product Buy-In

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Training on new publishing products and technology can often be an afterthought, conducted as a perfunctory exercise with minimal or inaccessible documentation and guidance. The upshot? We’ve spoken to many journalists and publishers who’ve had to train themselves (and even each other) on tools and processes that are critical to their work. 

This common scenario reinforces inequity and dominant hierarchies within the ranks of publishing. Already marginalized staff can end up locked out of new tech, onboarding, and professional development. But in our work together, we’ve found some simple ways to reverse that trend—and help democratize publishing.

Join WordPress VIP, Alley, and New York Post for a salon-style virtual meetup and discussion on How to Run an Inclusive Publisher Training that Builds Product Buy, streamed from the Automattic NoHo office in Manhattan.

You’ll hear about:

  • Ways to collaborate with publishing teams and make editorial training inclusive
  • Established rubrics and strategies to jump-start product training and documentation 
  • Strategies for creating a clear, effective narrative for new products 
  • How to leverage an agile content management system (CMS) like WordPress VIP to democratize the publishing process at an organization
  • Using accessible content analytics like to democratize data across your organization, turning content creators into savvy data analysts

Product stakeholders and journalists alike will learn about a set of tools and processes shown to improve training outcomes, product adoption, and inclusivity.