Legacy Enterprise Database Migrations & Gutenberg

BigWP NYC presentation: How WDG empowers content creators to “bring a brand to life” by focusing on the just the right amount of WordPress block editor flexibility. 

What does it take to convincingly roll out WordPress’s upgraded block editor to clients ranging from Barnes & Noble and the New York Federal Reserve to Penn Engineering, the global leader in the fastening industry?

Digital design agency Web Development Group (WDG) focuses on streamlining publication cadences with custom block kits and flex frameworks—not talking up a fancy new CMS.

In the case of Penn, that involved migrating a 20-year-old, 20,000-SKU database to streamline sales, improve customer service, and consolidate website properties into one system.

Hear how they did it with WDG Executive Vice President and Director of Strategy Vajaah Parker during her BigWP NYC presentation Legacy Enterprise Database Migrations & Gutenberg.

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Explore all the talks from our November 2022 NYC event in our BigWP NYC 2022 playlist

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