15 Highlights From a Year in Enterprise WordPress

In 2020, both commerce and communities shifted online. This sudden change led to a deeper understanding among enterprise leaders about the mission-critical role of content in today’s business growth.

“Businesses can’t operate the way that they used to,” explained Mallory Russell, Head of Content at Square, during our panel on driving ecommerce growth. “Everything has to be content.”

We worked closely with our customers last year to deliver the agility they needed to respond to a whole new way of doing business. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at 15 of 2020’s biggest moments in enterprise WordPress.

  1. OKdo, a division of Electrocomponents, launched a global ecommerce platform powered by WordPress VIP and WooCommerce. Thanks to the agility of the Gutenberg block editor, their team was able to bring their popular Kid Kits to market within days of the first U.K. shutdown.
  2. The 2020 Democratic National Convention Committee pivoted to 100% virtual, transforming the convention website into an experience platform that powered a record-breaking 35.5M digital viewers.
  3. During the 2020 U.S. presidential election, FiveThirtyEight shattered their previous traffic record, peaking at 1.3B site visits while maintaining an impressive 144 millisecond server response time.
  4. Our team shared tips for the newly remote based on our decade of experience as a fully distributed company.
  5. We welcomed 17 new agency partners in new regions like Spain, Croatia, and South Africa to bring our customers the best design and development partners on the planet.
  6. We added 22 new technology integrations in key categories including OneTrust for data, security, and governance; global eCommerce with Digital River, and visual storytelling with Google, Shutterstock, and many others.
  7. Our customers’ development and marketing teams became more agile than ever after migrating to our cloud platform. VIP Go puts more power in developers’ hands to ship new code quickly. Meanwhile, creative teams enjoy the same intuitive interface with faster turnaround time for shipping new sites and projects.
  8. The new VIP Dashboard puts more power into our customers’ hands. It’s a one-stop-shop to measure site health, deploys, usage metrics, authorized users, and so much more.
  9. The amazing WordPress VIP customer success team achieved 99.7% SLA, a measure of responsiveness across 15,600 support tickets. These experts help our customers uncover solutions to any obstacles on their digital experience roadmaps.
  10. We introduced new-and-improved documentation to make it easier than ever for developers to execute on the VIP Go platform.
  11. Speaking of empowering our customers, we added new HTTP Request Log Shipping. These logs provides deep data around content performance and traffic patterns. Now our customers can make better data-driven decisions to guide their content strategy.
  12. WordPress VIP celebrated 36% growth as demand for enterprise WordPress continues to accelerate.
  13. We powered a total of 68.7 billion pageviews.
  14. Nearly 100 new customers joined the WordPress VIP family.
  15. We welcomed 56 new teammates from 11 countries to WordPress VIP—and we’re hiring more now!

In 2021, we’re thrilled to empower more businesses than ever with the ease and flexibility they need to build meaningful digital experiences and lasting customer relationships. If you’re looking for an agile content platform to help exceed your growth goals, get in touch.

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