Onsite and Virtual Onsite Sessions

Maximize WordPress VIP’s expertise with a focused, specialized onsite agenda. Mix and match three or more sessions from any track below to support discovery, training, or strategic objectives.

Business focus

For: Executive stakeholders, product teams, and engineering leadership

Gather with WordPress VIP product and account teams to strategize partnership opportunities.

Executive business review

Align with VIP on your digital business goals, track successes, explore partnership opportunities, and ensure our support is driving your strategic goals.

Product roadmap and updates

Explore the VIP roadmap and strategic direction. Provide feedback and plan for your upcoming initiatives. 

Success plan development

Align with VIP on your strategic goals for the next 6-12 months and identify tactics to support those objectives.

Account retrospective

Share perspective on your engagement with VIP. Define partnership success and  prioritize focus areas for your VIP account team. 

Technical focus

For: Technical or editorial teams

Explore technical solutions and learn best practices side-by-side with our WordPress engineering experts.

Architectural discovery

Discover better solutions to drive scalable architecture. Explore your business goals, technical challenges, and editorial workflow to improve the efficacy of our recommendations.

Onboarding check-in

Get answers to your high-level technical questions to accelerate development ramp-up. Explore in-depth overviews of VIP tooling and support process. Note: This session is not for live technical troubleshooting.

Expert guest speaker

Learn from expert speakers with fresh perspectives, specialized knowledge, and inspiring new ways of thinking.

Developer training

Up-skill your engineering teams with WordPress training from our experts. Learn how to accelerate content creation, achieve enterprise-grade security, and improve end-user experience.

Hack session

Join hackathons and debugging sessions leveraging VIP expertise to reduce development time, unblock teams, and uncover solutions to current gaps.

For all attendees

Opening and closing session

Set the stage for event success by aligning on objectives. Review your progress to adjust for the next session. Celebrate your accomplishments to close it out.  

Social event

Enjoy dinner or another social gathering in a relaxed, conversation-friendly setting. 

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