Launching a New Business with RS Components and Box UK

When RS Components was set on launching a new venture, they knew they needed a strong digital foundation.

At BigWP London, WordPress VIP customer RS Components shared a compelling story about creating an impactful tech business from scratch, using WordPress and WooCommerce to build a robust, scalable platform. 

Unleashing the power of WordPress and WooCommerce

RS Components knew they needed a strong digital platform to launch and support their new OKdo maker community, a place where people who love building and tinkering with tech could connect and share ideas. 

Traditional tech solutions weren’t going to cut it—they needed something powerful, flexible, and adaptable.

Enter WordPress and WooCommerce, a dynamic content management and ecommerce duo that would allow them to move swiftly, and accommodate rapid growth and change.

Creating a foundation for success

After selecting WordPress and WooCommerce, RS Components, partnered with Box UK to implement their vision, and also leveraged the vast WordPress ecosystem of plugins and expertise to create a truly custom solution for their business.

The OKdo platform was not just about front end beautification. The integration with NetSuite, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider, would help manage their complex supply chain and distribution across Europe and beyond.


Moving swiftly

In just eight months, RS Components launched a fully-responsive, multi-region, multi-currency platform featuring a full range of products, showcasing the power of WordPress and WooCommerce to start and grow a business. And it doesn’t end there.

From launching their single board computer Rock in 2022, to introducing customized hardware services in 2023, RS Components continues to evolve their business.

In 2023, they even used their platform to inspire the engineers of the future by giving away micro:bits for free to schools in the UK and US.

Built for the future

RS Components’ journey is testament to the transformative power and flexibility of WordPress and WooCommerce, a combination that helped launch a successful business in less than a year, and one that continues to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of their industry.

WordPress VIP is proud to be a part of that journey, offering guidance, code reviews, and other support.

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