How Times Media Leverages WordPress for Inspirational Storytelling

Our customers explain how WordPress VIP set them up for success.

In the fast-paced world of media, embracing digital transformation is essential. Times Media, a prestigious publication group with a legacy spanning over two centuries, has harnessed the power of WordPress to revolutionize their storytelling capabilities. 

Harnessing the power of WordPress

Times Media needed a powerful content management system (CMS) to captivate audiences with inspirational content across diverse formats. 

Their digital evolution centers on their strategic adoption of WordPress, specifically through WordPress VIP, which has simplified their publishing workflow by 62%.

Enhanced user experience

With WordPress VIP’s platform, Times Media editors now plan, publish and organize articles far more effectively, captivating and engaging audiences better than ever before.

The flexibility of WordPress enables Times Media to expand beyond traditional article formats, optimizing content for the web, apps, and even future platforms, all in the name of connecting users with the content they want

Versatile storytelling formats

Visual appeal is paramount in effective storytelling. Times Media’s emphasis on compelling imagery and engaging content creates an immersive experience for readers. 

WordPress VIP allowed them to create four different article templates and new types of storytelling, all compatible with platforms like Google Web Stories, Google Showcase, and Live News. With these templates at their disposal, editors can effortlessly craft stunning visual narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Data-driven workflows

Times Media relies on data and metadata to drive decision making within their organization. Here, WordPress VIP goes beyond an intuitive interface by seamlessly integrating with their planning and decision-making tool Desk-Net

They’ve also integrated their own Times Public API (TPA), used by Times Media websites, mobile apps, and other backend services to provide article and edition information.


For even more data, Times Media unlocked and improved meta tagging functionality within WordPress, with news story tagging options and flexibility to support commercial initiatives, including content search and discovery across their sites. This functionality auto-suggests tags during the publishing process and further simplifies time-to-publish for journalists.

By capturing critical information early in the content creation process, Times Media ensures that editors have the necessary data to make informed decisions on article commissioning. This collaborative approach enhances overall content quality and enables strategic content distribution across multiple platforms—all done in the user-friendly WordPress VIP interface.

That customizable and flexible UI has led to a 34% faster time-to-publish, thanks to 62% fewer clicks in the workflow.

Continuous improvement

Times Media’s  adoption of WordPress has transformed their approach to storytelling while refining their content creation process, digital presence, and data-driven approach to decision making. 

As Times Media evolves and innovates, they set a shining example of how WordPress empowers media organizations to engage audiences and shape the future of digital storytelling.

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