Content Matters 2023: 4 Must-Read Reports for Content Creators

Unpack our exclusive research to guide your content efforts in 2024.

From growing budgets and salaries to emerging technologies and AI adoption, 2023 was a big year for content and the creators who produce and publish it.

To understand the state of content and where it’s headed, we surveyed 1,500+ content marketers, asking them about the trends and technology impacting their work. 

Our Content Matters 2023 Report series dives into what we learned and what you need to know about the future of content, so you can work smarter in 2024.

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1. Content Matters 2023 Report

Discover the trends and technology driving content teams’ budgets and winning strategies. And why data is going to be that spark that ignites content marketing like never before.

2. Content Matters 2023 AI Trends Report

Generative AI–everyone’s doing it right? But why and how often? And for what? Learn about the state of AI and how it’s shaping the way content creators work.

3. Content Matters 2023 Martech Report

In an era where data drives decision-making, you need a robust tech stack to drive business results. Learn what solutions and tools marketers are using to do just that.

4. Content Matters 2023 Salary Report

Feeling undervalued and underpaid for your content marketing skills? Learn how taking a data-driven approach to proving your worth as a content creator can pay off.