Content Matters: AI Trends 2023 Report

The state of gen AI—use cases and spending by business and industry

2023 was the year of the generative AI takeover. Or was it?

We’re still not quite at the tipping point where artificial intelligence tools are basic, everyday commodities, but they’re clearly reshaping how we work and content. 

Earlier this year, in our Martech Trends 2023 Report, we learned only 3% surveyed said they don’t use AI or don’t know how their team uses AI.

Now, from media and publishing to Finserv and the public sector, we’ve taken a closer look at the state of AI adoption. Explore what a select group of marketers and content creators told us: how often and how they’re using AI, and how much they’re budgeting for their AI toolkits.

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The top AI use cases breakout

Design, illustration, and image creation to social media, writing copy, and content creation—by industry, org size, and company type (B2B/B2C).

Which industries are going all in on AI

And who’s still hesitant based on data security, regulatory, and plagiarism concerns—plus who plans to actually decrease AI usage this year.

Current and forecast AI tools spending

Including who’s adopting a wait-and-see approach before committing bigger budget to AI tools—and those likely to spend $100K+. 

Almost three in four companies, regardless of size, plan to up their use of AI technology over the next 12 months. 

Unpack all this and more, including the opportunities for AI growth beyond content creation (such as personalization). And decide for yourself if an “AI arms race” is already on the horizon.