PMC’s Switch to Gutenberg

BigWP NYC presentation: How media giant Penske Media Corporation made the lives of their editorial staffs easier with a surer WordPress block editor.

Convincing hundreds of editors across dozens of websites to adopt a new, more efficient way to edit and publish breaking news, features, and blogs is headline news in itself.  

In 2018, Penske Media Corporation (PMC), parent company to a star-power media portfolio including Variety, Rolling Stone, Deadline Hollywood, and Billboard, decided the time was right to switch all their brands’ websites to a faster, cleaner WordPress editor—Gutenberg. It was a daring, multi-phased, two-and-a-half-year project that concluded in September 2022. 

Delivering such a large-scale, visionary change while overcoming “general editorial reluctance” was a delicate balancing act. Seeding editorial staffs and other stakeholders with the big idea of a “better block editor” paved the way, even touting as modest an idea as “easier cutting and pasting from Word.”

Hear how they did it from PMC’s Nicola Catton, Vice President of Product Delivery, and Gabriel Koen Vice President, Technology, as they dive into their PMC’s Switch to Gutenberg presentation at BigWP NYC. 

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