The world’s leading easy-to-use remote uptime monitoring service

Monitor your uptime and get notified

UptimeRobot is a free online uptime monitoring service with apps available for iOS and Android.

Receive live alerts and monitor websites, servers, ports, domains, SSL certificates, keywords on page, cron jobs, and internet-connected devices.

UptimeRobot offers up to 12 integrations, including email, SMS, calls, push notifications, Twitter, Discord, Zapier, Google Chat, MS Teams, Slack, webhooks, PagerDuty, Telegram, Pushbullet, and Splunk-On-Call.

Customize your status page to share uptime and updates with your users. They can also subscribe to updates via email. Easily adjust settings like logo, colors, and fonts, or leave comments on incidents.

Get detailed monthly uptime reports delivered to your inbox and improve your incident management.

Manage monitoring with maintenance windows and advanced notifications. Avoid alerts during maintenance, or receive notifications after a specific downtime.