Omega CRM

Omega CRM is a European and independent company whose mission is to accelerate the business experience (BX) of its customers.

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Accelerate business through innovation in customer relations driven by the results.

Solutions 360 of business experience (BX)

We work together with our clients from the strategy to the design, implementation and measurement, through the development of customer-centric digital solutions, which integrate the marketing, sales and customer service experiences in real time and omnichannel. We helps marketing teams launch brand websites and manage a global web platform. 

In order to create relevance in your interaction with the client, we have developed our value proposal around the concept: Omega360. An ecosystem that allows us to widen the vision of the customer, identifying and enriching every contact point along the customer’s journey through the experience of unique, relevant and high-impact brands impact.

Strategic design of Customer360 journey experiences

Customer Data Ingestion, Harmonization & Orchestration

  • CRM Sales & Services;
  • Multi-cloud Platforms Integration;
  • Customer Managed Services;
  • Customer 360 Data Platform (CDP); 

Channel & ecommerce (Personalize – Right channel)

  • Omnichannel Customer Real-time Interaction (RTIM)
  • Journey Orchestration;
  • Experiences Design: UX-UI;
  • eCommerce Implementation & Enrichment;
  • Communities’ Design & Development

Marketing (Engage – Right Moment)

  • Convergence of Marketing & Tech through Experiences
  • Marketing Automation;
  • Media Mix Digital Advertising;
  • Audiences Management; Activation & Extension;
  • Social Listening & Social Media

Analytics & Insights (Measure – Right Insight)

  • Customer experience measurement & Insights Optimization
  • Data Engineering & Big Data, Visualization;
  • Advanced Analytics

We go beyond digital transformation, we are talking about business adaptation and growth towards the new needs and high expectations of our customers with regard to the experiences offered by a brand or product.

In our company the wellbeing of our team is a top priority. We promote a collaborative culture of involvement and based on our company values: Talent, flexibility, commitment and innovation. Our versatile and committed team understands and faces up to the challenges of our customers with an innovative focus, offering the best solution for their specific needs in order to meet their expectations.

We apply a methodology based on continuous and developmental accompaniment throughout the process, maintaining a very close collaboration with our clients. Together we create unique customer experiences which, in turn, contribute towards building a better society, bringing digitalization closer to people and organizations. #growing together.