A Content Delivery Network from the WordPress VIP platform

WordPress VIP is built on a global infrastructure deployed in data centers around the world. This ensures performance, reliability, and massive potential for scale.

WordPress VIP’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a global network of edge cache servers, each used to store and serve content and manage the TLS connection closest to your end user. We cache pages at the edge to ensure high performance with low latency and faster delivery of content regardless of location.

Faster load times

Using our CDN ensures that content is served from the closest cache wherever possible, reducing round trip times for responses, which means faster load times. Not only does faster load time give your end user a better experience, but it’s also crucial for SEO performance and other business objectives such as conversions, subscriptions, and increased sales volume.

Content personalization

Our global CDN supports content personalization based on geographic location (restricting content to users in certain areas) and browser agent type (e.g., mobile, tablet, desktop). Additionally, you can integrate a content personalization API to build out a performant content firewall. 


All communication within the VIP CDN is encrypted using TLS v1.2, from the edge to the origin resources that process requests from your visitors.

The VIP CDN also provides Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation by spreading any malicious queries across the network, reducing the risk of your application going offline. Plus, it’s built to withstand heavy amounts of traffic, which means that when you have a surge of site visitors, your site response remains rock-solid and highly performant.


For added CDN flexibility, WordPress VIP now offers customers access to a suite of best-in-class security features courtesy of our partnership with Cloudflare. These enhance the built-in capabilities of the WordPress VIP platform by delivering:

  • An extra layer of security 
  • Configurability at the edge 
  • Support for more network topologies
  • Threat protection strengthened by Cloudflare’s global network

The Cloudflare Enterprise Plan for WordPress VIP also includes Reverse Proxy functionality, a configurable Web Application Firewall (WAF), additional DDoS mitigation, and Premium Success support. 

Learn more about WordPress VIP’s partnership with Cloudflare.

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