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Join us on-demand as we review cutting-edge analytics and content management features developed for enterprise organizations. 

Key focus areas:

  • Faster development and easier launch: Launch your site on your own and build faster with improved developer tooling.
  • Improved management and reliability: Easier management of software versions and multisite environments, plus better support for disaster recovery.
  • Airtight security and compliance: Pervasive plugin scanning to improve your security posture and new certifications, including new details around FedRAMP.
  • Enterprise Gutenberg: Build enterprise tools to fully realize the value of the world’s best editor.
  • More actionable insights: New reports into content and team performance built right into wp-admin.
  • Proving content value: Measuring conversions and providing insights into full ROI of your content effort.

Meet the experts

Abdul Rahim

Product Manager

Daniela Bloch

Product Manager

Simon Wheatley

Product Manager

Jacob Smith

Product Manager

Lucas Radke

Product Manager