Composability Made Easy: Considerations and Best Practices

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Featured speakers include Mark Catalano and Michael Khalili.

The components that make a high-performing martech experience get more numerous and complex every year. And delivering a great customer experience requires you to compose across multiple systems and services.

So how do you do it?

Join us to learn some of the key challenges of building composable experiences and how the right architecture can enable rapid innovation and lower maintenance costs.

The webinar will explore: 

  • A proven, opinionated approach to building and maintaining high performing composable experiences.
  • How to avoid pitfalls and maximize benefits of composable.
  • How to think about composability at the level of the APIs providing the data and functionality to your composable experience.
  • How an API Mesh can ease integration challenges and unlock new possibilities for innovation.
  • Stories from the trenches: How different types of businesses brought it all together to build their ideal digital experience.


Mark Catalano

Co-Founder and CEO, TakeShape

Michael Khalili

Director of Product Marketing, WordPress VIP