Practical AI:Unlocking Opportunities for Media Publishers

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Gabriel Koehn, Phil Crumm, and Doyle Irvin will speak at the webinar.

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore the practical applications of AI for media publishers.

Learn how WordPress VIP, 10up, and Penske Media Corporation (PMC) are using real-world insights and experience with AI to develop new strategies and products to unlock business opportunities for publishers.

The webinar will explore:

  • How PMC is taking a test-and-learn approach to AI across its media properties and prioritizing the practical applications and benefits of AI for its business.
  • How 10up is developing new AI-enabled tools and integrations, like ClassifAI, to help media publishers accelerate their content workflows and boost audience engagement.
  • How WordPress VIP is bringing new AI capabilities to WordPress, including the Content Helper, which opens up new ways for media and marketers to leverage their content and performance data with generative AI.


Gabriel Koen

Senior Vice President of Technology, PMC

Phil Crumm

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Growth, 10up

Doyle Irvin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, WordPress VIP