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Installing VIP-CLI locally

VIP-CLI is a Node.js Package and can be installed through a package manager like npm.

VIP-CLI requires Node.js v10+ and npm v6+. If either or both are below the required versions, see the upgrade steps in our troubleshooting section below. We recommend using the latest active long-term support release of Node which is currently Node v14.

To begin installation, visit our VIP-CLI page installation page and follow the instructions.


It is extremely important not to install VIP-CLI using the sudo command; if this has been done you can follow the directions below.

Installing Node

Please follow the Node.js project’s installation instructions. Using a package manager like Homebrew or a Node.js version manager like nvm is recommended. If you use the official installer, you may run into permission issues when installing packages globally. If so, follow this guide to change npm’s default directory.

Installing npm

Installing Node.js (instructions above) will include npm in the installation.

Upgrading Node.js

Follow the Node.js installation instructions to acquire and install the latest version of Node.js, or use the upgrade command if you installed via a package manager like Homebrew for macOS. Upgrading Node.js will also upgrade npm.

Fixing npm/Node permissions

Read this npm guide: How to Prevent Permissions Errors.

Example of an error indicating the need to fix permissions:

WARN install EACCES: permission denied

If you have installed various commands with sudo you will need to reverse the process, fix the permissions errors, then install the command without the use of sudo. You should not use sudo to fix access permissions.

Last updated: May 24, 2021