Application Management

WordPress VIP provides you with powerful capabilities for application management, delivering customer websites and applications with the highest degree of security, flexibility, and reliability. Application management with WordPress VIP optimizes security and software controls, streamlines developer agility, and helps scale WordPress deployments with ease.

Manage WordPress multisites

Powerful tools to manage and launch WordPress multisites, providing visibility into your WordPress instance directly from the VIP Dashboard and allowing you to launch individual network sites to the public.

Optimize performance

Configure cache behavior and manage cached objects in the VIP CDN. Purge one or more resource URLs for a WordPress or Node.js environment to improve website performance. 

Optimize codebase management with plugin control, which covers updates and security vulnerabilities.

Software management

Easily manage software versions for WordPress, PHP, Node.js, and plugins.

Gain application insights

Monitor Runtime Logs, Slow Query Logs, and HTTP Response Codes for an environment from the last 24 hours to improve site and database performance.

Easily access a log of deployments for both WordPress and Node.js applications and roll back to a previous deployment whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Database and media controls

Move and manage your data across environments running on your developers’ local machines and on the VIP Platform with robust database and media access controls.

Access controlled and audited exports of databases running in production or non-production environments. 

Use easy commands and tools to move databases between local and platform environments, giving developers access to the latest data for debugging.

Integrate content data with your business analysis system for a complete understanding of your business.

Access restrictions

Basic Authentication gives you precise controls over users allowed to visit production environments.

Limit web and internet access to individual environments of an application, including to hosted files, by specifying a list of IP addresses—or ranges of IP addresses (aka subnets)—in the VIP Dashboard’s IP Allow List. These settings are valuable for sites with highly sensitive content, intranets, and non-production environments.

Help prevent security threats with management of HTTP Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS) measures.

Security and account governance

Add domains and easily install a Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate or a custom TLS certificate.

View an audit trail of all management actions that occur on your application for streamlined governance of application changes.

Optimize performance

Manage caching by purging one or more URLs sharing the same domain in a single command. Import and export database and media files. 

Operate on WordPress content

Execute search and replace tasks on a SQL file prior to—or during—a file import.

Perform batch operations on WordPress content, such as adjusting tags across a site or changing a word on every post.

Identify potential issues to resolve

Scan your Node.js codebase and catch potential issues with building, deploying, or executing application code as expected before deployment.  

Access and generate site backups

Ensure access to the latest application data during debugging and prepare for deployments whenever needed.

Account governance

Retrieve a list of accessible VIP applications based on a user’s permissions and display details about the currently logged-in user. 

GitHub Codespaces

Coming soon: Operate with the best development tools. Integrate with GitHub Codespaces to spin up a fully functional VIP development environment hosted on GitHub and accessible on web browsers. 

Visual Studio Code

Easily launch Visual Studio Code from the VIP-CLI, optimizing development workflows and allowing developers to be more productive with the tools they know best while collaborating with their team.

Platform Environments

Enjoy flexibility and extensibility with application management on easy production environments based on WordPress or Node.js. Quickly and confidently push changes to applications by accompanying non-production environments for quality assurance, testing, and debugging against an environment running on the same infrastructure as production, with access to a safe copy of production data. 

Transient Platform Environments

Coming soon: Solve for development complexities and streamline application management with transient platform environments that can be tailored to even the most complex applications.

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