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WordPress VIP is committed to building fully-accessible products because we believe the web should be usable by everyone. Our goal is for all of our products, features, and services to adhere to the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines and, by extension, Section 508 requirements. Our current focus is ensuring conformance for our agile content platform, which includes interfaces and tools like the WordPress VIP Dashboard and Documentation site.

Our approach

Web accessibility is incorporated throughout our product lifecycle.

We use the VIP Design System for building our interfaces, a well-tested library of components and patterns that are all accessible by default. This provides a strong foundation to build all our experiences.

We require all members of our product, engineering, marketing, and design teams to have a baseline understanding of accessibility, established through a mix of internal resources, training and workshops, and hands-on practice. This helps create a culture where accessibility is always a priority, not an afterthought.

Our process

We automate our accessibility validation and testing flows using tools like Axe, Storybook, Testing Library, and Playwright to help catch common issues and bad practices before they’re released.

We perform manual testing with the help of other assistive technologies (e.g. Apple VoiceOver) and accessibility testing tools (e.g. HeadingMap). We also conduct in-depth accessibility reviews on new features and interfaces to ensure a positive user experience and receive human-centric feedback that automated tools cannot provide.

We work with third-party accessibility experts like Level Level, a full-service WordPress agency, to review our work on an ongoing basis for unbiased critiques and suggested improvements. Additionally, our agency partner program includes top-tier agencies that specialize in accessibility and are available for audits, consultation, and more.

Need help?

Our products are constantly evolving and we understand there may be issues that arise. If you have any accessibility-related concerns or questions related to our products, please email and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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