VIP Platform Improvements, New Editorial Capabilities, Streamlined Development and Deployment

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Welcome to our rundown of the latest enhancements and improvements designed to streamline working with the WordPress VIP Dashboard, speed your publishing workflow and platform development, strengthen security, and bolster your content strategy.

By focusing on user experience, analytics capabilities, and more robust developer tools, we believe WordPress VIP continues to lead the way in enterprise-grade content management. 

Let’s go exploring.

WordPress VIP Dashboard and platform improvements

The WordPress VIP Dashboard, the nerve center of your content management strategy, has an upgraded user interface. We’ve redesigned its navigation and information architecture, making it quicker and easier to locate the functionality you need. Here are key improvements of note.

Notifications management

Accessible right from the dashboard, notifications management lets you see and control critical platform notifications. For example, stay informed with real-time alerts about pressing issues like DDoS attacks and potential plugin vulnerabilities. Expect to see more alert types added over time.

Screen shot showing the new Notifications section of the VIP dashboard.

SSO and security

Another significant addition to the WordPress VIP Dashboard is Single Sign-On (SSO). Users can now authenticate using their organization’s identity provider, making the login process much smoother. Best of all, our user-friendly interface guides you through the various configuration steps.

Insights and metrics

Finally, we’re excited to launch application insights and metrics. This feature offers invaluable knowledge about the performance, response, usage, and utilization of your applications on the WordPress VIP Platform. 

Not only does this keep your finger on the pulse of your applications’ health, but it can also guide strategic decisions for future development.

Editorial enhancements

Block Editor

Historically, WordPress VIP has always paid particular attention to the WordPress Block Editor and the Block Data API. Now you can access blocks as data, not just HTML. This makes third-party application integration easier than ever.

We’re also excited to announce updates to the Block Data API, including GraphQL interoperability for more seamless integration with data-consuming applications. 

Block Governance

To avoid unforced style errors and ensure brand consistency during publishing workflows, we’ve introduced Block Governance, which lets you restrict access to specific blocks and control organizational style guidelines.

Streamlined development, testing, and deployment

With an array of tools and resources, the WordPress VIP Platform always focuses on facilitating the often complex processes around software development.

Screen shot showing Repository Management UI related to updating a deploying branch in GitHub.


Helping developers work smarter and faster, we’ve introduced advanced deployment processes that make code rollouts less stressful. For example, you can now specify the branch for code deployment, rollback to previous iterations with ease, and create on-demand backups. 


We’ve also enhanced local development environments with new commands and features on the VIP-CLI, including a command to spin up a dedicated phpMyAdmin instance for any of your applications’ environments. 

New Relic

Finally, we’re introducing tools to give you as much insight as possible into your applications, including New Relic management capabilities

Analytics enhancements

To bolster your content strategy by understanding content performance, we’ve made advancements in our analytics functionality. 

  • Reports—easily share content performance insights with internal or external stakeholders in a variety of formats: PDF report, dashboard view, quick data view.
  • Conversions—get quick access to conversion tracking data with our new conversion rates feature, which helps identify high-quality and high-performing content.
  • Overview page—leverage more customization options and flexibility, for example, allowing you to track primary goals and campaign performance. 
Screen shot showing an analytics dashboard report detailing conversion metrics.

Coming soon

Look forward to upcoming ways to publish better content, faster by unlocking the power of AI.

And we’re just getting started

We hope you find these and earlier updates as exciting as we do. You can dive deeper into our latest improvements by watching our companion What’s New With VIP webcast

We look forward to sharing more soon. Meanwhile, you can also check the VIP Lobby for more WordPress VIP news, platform updates, scheduled maintenance, alerts, new feature announcements, and PHP and Jetpack updates.

As always, we encourage your feedback and thoughts.


Greg Ogarrio, Content Marketer, WordPress VIP

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