Customers Speak: The Benefits of Migrating to WordPress VIP

They now enjoy an improved editor experience, near-instantaneous content publication, and a collaborative approach to content management.

For WordPress VIP customers, content is core to engaging their audience and driving business growth. Ideally, content management systems (CMSes) play a crucial role in simplifying the creation and editing processes for this content, providing a seamless user experience. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with customers to gain valuable insights into their experiences migrating from various CMS platforms to WordPress VIP. Three key benefits emerged:

  • Improved editor experience
  • Near-instantaneous content publication
  • Collaborative approach to content management

Let’s dive into each. 

Improved editor experience

After migrating from platforms like Drupal, Sitecore, Umbraco, and Ektron, WordPress VIP customers report that they realize a streamlined and more efficient content management workflow, which makes their content creators and editors much happier.

“Those core [editing] tools are user-friendly for people that actually have to edit website content.”

—Vajaah Parker, Executive Vice-President, WDG

Content publication at the speed of WordPress

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is integrating different CMS platforms across business units or brands. This often leads to delays and inefficiencies in content publication. With WordPress VIP, customers achieve significant improvements in content publication speed, allowing them to publish content almost instantly. 

“Near-instantaneous publication of content… speaks to the power of WordPress as a content publishing platform.”

—Gabriel Koen, VP of Technology, Penske Media Corporation

The collaborative approach of WordPress VIP

By migrating to WordPress VIP, customers find it easier to get expert support, from content planning to fixing bugs and adding features. This collaborative approach sets us apart from other CMS platforms—providing clarity and direction at every step of the content management journey.

“There is that collaborative and partnership feel… we are able to ask for direction, ask for ideas—not just on a strategic and large level, but on a bug fix, feature implementation, is-there-something-out-there-that-exists? level—something I’ve never experienced before.”

—Nici Catton, VP of Product Delivery, Penske Media Corporation

A final word

Migrating to WordPress VIP has proven a game-changer for many businesses, streamlining their content management process thanks to a seamless editing experience and collaborative support from the foremost WordPress experts in the industry. To hear our customers talk candidly about their migration journeys, check out the video above.

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