WordPress VIP Receives 4th Consecutive Top Tier Recognition by Review Signal

Cited for maintaining “perfect uptime” on monitoring services and consistent performance at scale


As a part of our mission to run the web, WordPress VIP is continually rising to meet the performance needs  of enterprise organizations and government institutions at massive scale with a platform for growth. 

And it’s not just keeping customers’ websites fast, but maintaining that performance as site visitor tickers spike higher and higher. 

For the fourth year in a row, we have achieved Top Tier recognition from Review Signal’s WordPress Performance Benchmarks

In tests, WordPress VIP maintained perfect uptime on every monitoring service employed by Review Signal.

“WordPress VIP is a familiar face in the Enterprise benchmarks,” said Review Signal Founder Kevin Ohashi. “They’ve been a model of consistency earning Top Tier recognition every year they’ve participated. This year was no exception.”

“Overall, an unsurprising Top Tier status earned yet again [by WordPress VIP] for a stellar performance.”

—Kevin Ohashi, Founder, Review Signal

How our WordPress hosting performance was measured

Learn more about the tools Review Signal uses to put platforms through their paces, including Loadstorm, K6, WebPageTest, Uptime as measured by HetrixTools and Uptime Robot, WPPerformanceTester, and SSL. For example, K6 is designed to test cached performance by repeatedly requesting the homepage to the scale of millions. 

WordPress VIP managed 100% uptime as measured by both HetrixTools and Uptime Robot. 

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