Fresh Consulting Named a WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner

We are proud to welcome Fresh Consulting as our new agency partner! Fresh is an interdisciplinary consulting agency that builds websites, web apps, robots, autonomous vehicles, and much more. Their work is underlined by a simple, yet powerful objective: creating the future, together. Fresh brings talent, technology expertise, and creative instincts to every project, collaborating with clients and partners to help them stay on the leading edge of their respective industries.

Founded in 2007, Fresh pairs design and technology to drive innovation in the burgeoning digital economy. From the outset, co-founders Jeff Dance and Steve Hulet imagined multi-disciplinary teams coming together to solve challenges by leveraging the best talent, equipping them with the most effective tools, and empowering a commitment to deliver value. What drives Fresh to continuously innovate is the belief that what got them to today won’t get them to tomorrow–they always test their assumptions and strive for growth and improvement.

As a consultancy with more than 10 years of experience building WordPress sites, Fresh understands the value of comprehensive strategy, design, and research at the front end of any project. Their focus is not just building websites, but rather, helping companies create and implement customized digital experiences that are authentic to their brand and appealing to their target customers. From comprehensive learning management systems to ecommerce, decoupled technology architectures, and custom web apps, the Fresh team plugs in where you need it, understanding that every client project is unique and deserves a tailored approach.

“WordPress VIP is a great fit for Fresh clientele. We’re proud to recommend the platform, and love that WordPress VIP invited us to partner to support top-tier WordPress experiences.”

– Steve Hulet, Fresh CTO

Learn more about Fresh Consulting’s partnership with WordPress VIP here

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