2021’s Biggest Content Marketing Moments

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We’ll always remember 2020 as a year of uncertainty and dramatic change. But the momentum it brought to digital transformation has only accelerated in 2021. Having a digital presence is now an imperative for every business, and customers are demanding even richer and more personalized digital experiences with brands.

Enter: content.

As the heart of how customers interact with brands, content has never mattered more. that’s reflected not only in the drive to better understand and optimize content performance, but also the hunger for more content strategy resources.

Content creators and developers need more speed, flexibility, and autonomy to drive growth. If there’s one overarching theme for 2021, it’s that marketers now value agility and insights more than ever. With that in mind, we rounded up highlights from the year to share with you as we ring in 2022.

5 most engaging posts from 2021

Parse.ly’s average engaged minutes metric—an essential statistic to determine which content works—allows us to see the posts that have the most engaged readers over the year. Our top 5 most engaging blog posts cover a range of topics, from our FedRAMP authorization to insights from a conversation with Xbox Wire about content analytics.

  1. Why choose WordPress VIP over self hosting? Our No. 1 blog post of the year gives three good reasons. 
  2. WordPress VIP acquired leading analytics platform Parse.ly to make rich content analytics and optimization a core part of the WordPress VIP platform. Read about the acquisition and what it means for content marketers who want to understand how their content is resonating with customers and driving business growth.
  3. See how Microsoft uses content analytics to drive revenue through Xbox Wire.
  4. Good news for federal agencies or companies holding federal data. We are FedRAMP authorized!  
  5. Now’s the time to upgrade your enterprise CMS. Learn why

Hot topics and new resources from 2021

By the numbers

No annual wrap-up post would be complete without some statistics about our business this year.

  • WordPress VIP experienced 66% business growth.
  • We served over 208.5 billion app and API requests.
  • We welcomed nearly 100 new customers.
  • 155 new teammates came on board, hailing from 24 countries.
  • Gained 33 agency partners and 10 technology partners.

For businesses driving growth through customer-centric experiences, content mattered more than ever in 2021. And teams continued to move faster and make smarter decisions about that content. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store.

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