Introducing Enterprise Search from WordPress VIP—Secure, Fast, Reliable

Search is one of the cornerstones of any good site and any good content marketing strategy. 

Search underpins visitors looking for content, consumers looking for products, internal staff looking for content that needs updating, and developers building unique functionality via code. But despite decades of search technologies maturing, search remains a vexing challenge for many technical and marketing teams trying to deliver great digital content experiences.

As sites grow larger and more content is released, search performance can degrade in a number of ways:

  • Search queries start to slow down, frustrating users
  • Delays in indexing new content grow longer, meaning the freshest content is missed
  • Search becomes inflexible and impossible to customize to unique site needs
  • Public and/or unauthenticated APIs can make search susceptible to malicious actors

While standard WordPress search generally works well for small, relatively unchanging sites, true enterprise-grade WordPress requires a new approach, enterprise search.

Search rethought for the enterprise

To meet the needs of growing enterprises and their rapidly accelerating volume of content, WordPress VIP recently introduced its new secure, fast and reliable Enterprise Search. 

Built on the rock-solid VIP Cloud, it is designed to meet the needs of even the largest enterprise. 

Highly scalable, low latency

Enterprise Search is designed from the ground up for the needs of our enterprise customers. It is lightning fast even as database and site volume grow. Built on Elasticsearch, it reliably gives nearly instant, accurate results across millions of pieces of content.

Furthermore, because it runs right on WordPress VIP’s enterprise platform with no external services required, it immediately indexes new pieces of content—rapidly surfacing the newest, and more relevant, results. 

Customizable and extensible

At the largest of enterprises, however, search isn’t one-size-fits-all. 

Search naturally may require customization for the exact nature of the business. The right result for a search of a news site may be different than one for an ecommerce site. Each may want to index different types of content, taxonomies, and metadata. 

Enterprise Search puts developers in control of their search experience with extensive development tools. They can easily debug, examine, replay, and refine search queries using the VIP Enterprise Search dashboard in their browser. They can also use VIP local development tools to work offsite to improve the search experience.

Secure and reliable

Enterprise Search meets the high security standards of today’s enterprise. 

Unlike other WordPress-based alternatives, Enterprise Search uses a private API for access with authentication required. This prevents third parties from directly accessing internal search functionality and reduces the risk of attack.

Furthermore, because Enterprise Search operates within WordPress VIP’s fully containerized, enterprise environment, it inherits the security and reliability benefits of the underlying WordPress VIP Cloud.

No compromises to content agility

Even with this increase in performance, reliability, security and flexibility, Enterprise Search is still incredibly simple and intuitive for any content marketer to use. It includes an out-of-the-box search block that can be added to any post within WordPress. With no code or configuration, search results and filters can be displayed. 

This helps content teams keep cranking out the content they need to fuel business growth.

Enterprise Search: available for all WordPress VIP customers—try it

To learn more, check out the docs or speak to your customer service manager. Not a WordPress VIP customer? Contact us to get started with WordPress VIP today.

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