Better, Smarter Together: WPVIP Welcomes, Leading Analytics Platform

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Today I am pleased to announce WPVIP is acquiring, a leading content analytics platform, to provide enterprises with content analytics that integrate seamlessly across our commerce and content offerings.

At WPVIP, we’re focused on helping our customers grow their businesses through the power of our agile content platform. Too often, enterprise software solutions are at odds with the simplicity and flexibility content creators need to meet their objectives.

Large companies don’t need to make that trade-off anymore. With, we will offer extensive visibility into the business impact of content.

In recent years, WPVIP has expanded beyond our media and publishing roots to focus on empowering the world’s largest brands to build meaningful customer experiences through content. We believe content has this very unique power to drive enterprise growth.

One of our customers says it well:

“Content is modern marketing and now content is everyone’s job.”

This concept gets us excited when we think about our own business. When it comes to creating and delivering content, no one does it better than WPVIP.

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Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to see firsthand the impact of’s content analytics platform. isn’t simply capturing traditional traffic analytics. Instead, the platform goes deeper—revealing exactly how individual content pieces are impacting traffic in real-time. The upshot for content marketers? Rich reporting with detailed insights into the business impact of their content.

With, the workflows that WPVIP customers use every day will surface insights that move beyond page views and visits. For example, commerce brands will understand which content converts visitors into buyers. They will also be able to deliver content recommendations for top-performing products.

Together, WPVIP and will provide the analytics platform that drives rich content and commerce experiences at scale for WPVIP customers.

In my conversations with’s founders Sachin Kamdar and Andrew Montalenti, it’s been striking how aligned we are across our values, our sense of the market opportunity, our passion for the open web, and our commitment to help enterprises leverage the power of content for business growth.

“We’ve always had a deep admiration for WPVIP as the gold standard for enterprise content teams, and we’re thrilled to join together. From the culture and people, to the product, market, and vision, we’re in lockstep to create more value for our customers. This powerful combination of content and intelligence will push the industry forward at an accelerated pace.”

Sachin Kamdar, CEO,

What comes next for WPVIP +

I’m so energized about the future of WPVIP and as combined forces.

To’s customers and team, welcome! I want you to know we’re excited to invest more deeply in the content analytics platform you know and love.

If you’re using WordPress with, get even more excited as we have plans to enrich the experience for all WordPress users.

And if you’re a WPVIP customer, expect even more as we leverage our scale to bring more content insights to our customers.

If you have any questions about how WPVIP + can help you deliver meaningful customer experiences, please get in touch.

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