Better Know a MU Plugin: Rewrite Rules Inspector

Control Rewrite Rules to for cleaner site structure, user-friendly URLs

Rewrite Rules Inspector is a simple development tool in WordPress admin for inspecting all of the rewrite rules registered with your site. Specifically, the Rewrite Rules Inspector helps you:

  • View a listing of all your rewrite rules.
  • See which rewrite rules match a given URL (and the priorities they match in).
  • Filter by different sources of rewrite rules.
  • Perform a soft flush of your rewrite rules to regenerate them.

Rewrite rules define how URLs are interpreted and determine what content is displayed when a specific URL is accessed. They enable the mapping of complex query strings to clean, readable URLs, enhancing both usability and potential search engine visibility. Understanding and applying rewrite rules effectively can greatly improve the structure and accessibility of your WordPress site.

As a WordPress VIP MU Plugin, the Rewrite Rules Inspector helps WordPress users more easily manage their rewrite rules and view and test them against URLs, ensuring visibility and control over site mapping and presentation of URLs to your audience. 

VIP MU Plugins are version-managed by the team at WordPress VIP and usually enabled by default to enhance the performance, security, and manageability of WordPress sites.

Rewrite Rules Inspector is useful for WordPress users outside of WordPress VIP as well, such as in development environments. We welcome members of the WordPress community to take advantage of this functionality. Feel free to fork the plugin in GitHub 

As active participants in the WordPress community, we’d be happy to go over feedback, questions, bug reports, and feature requests in the forums.

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